"One could even say that they aren’t really prison films, according to the traditional mechanics of the genre. There’s no rape, no evil warden, no solitary-confinement montage. Prison is the village where they live."

THE NEW YORKER / Nick Paumgarten

"The performances are exceptionally strong, both by the free-to-leave professional actors (especially Jeffrey Wright, who plays Louis, the “O.G.” of the title, an older inmate on the verge of release) and by the incarcerated neophytes."

THE NEW YORKER (2nd article) / Nick Paumgarten

"Jeffrey Wright gives a rich, imposing performance as the former “mayor” of Pendleton Correctional Facility."

THE NEW YORK TIMES / Ben Kenigsberg

"Jeffrey Wright is impressively, intensely insular as a convict staring down the possibility of freedom in O.G." 

SCREEN DAILY / Tim Grierson

"Director/producer Madeleine Sackler coaxes perfect performances throughout, delivers authentic locations, and shows attention to the tiniest details"

FILM JOURNAL / Doris Toumarkine

"If Ms Sackler’s goal was to break the stereotypes inherent in the prison-drama genre, she succeeded."


"While the story is fictional, the production of the film is as real as it gets." 

POPSUGAR / Stacey Nguyen

"The film’s slow-burn storytelling is uncluttered by exposition and introductions of minor players. This allows an A-plus character study, matched with an actor who is more than up for the challenge"


"Wright gives another thrilling performance that further solidifies his reputation as one of the most prominent actors on the scene."

THE SOURCE / Rashad Grove

"Madeleine wanted to make a movie that basically asks, 'is incarceration the best way to deal with people who commit crimes?'"

KCRW / Matt Holzman

"This thing’s just beautiful. I don’t know what else to call it." 


"Director Madeleine Sackler does a magnificent job of plunging us into this world, in which inmates are almost always seeing things through the bars of their cells, or the tiny windows giving them a glimpse of the sky"

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES / Richard Roeper

"Nothing short of original."

INDIEWIRE / Ben Travers

"While the O.G. isn't based on a true story, it may be one of the most authentic, unflinching looks at the U.S. prison system to date thanks to its unconventional filming location and much of its supporting cast."

BUSTLE / Jack O’Keeffe


"The unique locale sets the film apart from others but it's the inner explorations of the characters that make it especially authentic. The audience is reminded that prisoners are more than just the sum of their mistakes or a string of numbers on a jumpsuit."

ESSENCE / Lakeia Brown

"The Jeffrey Wright vehicle I’ve been waiting for"

VULTURE / David Edelstein

"Sackler’s film is a taut prison drama that follows the seemingly mundane countdown of days before Louis’s release, until, almost imperceptibly, it transforms into a thriller, suddenly crackling with intensity."

BLACK IN AMERICA / Tanisha Laverne

"Sackler’s drama is a compelling rarity offering a perspective on incarceration that’s direct and honest, infused with natural rhythms and authentic extras"


"A slow-burning drama that builds up its pace throughout the film, taking the viewer to a place where hopefully none of us will ever be."

MOVIEMOVESME.COM / Ulkar Alakbarova

"Madeleine Sackler pulls off an extraordinary feat by filming the movie in a prison with real inmates and real guards, giving the film a definitive authenticity"

MOVIES WITH ABE / Abe Fried-Tanzer

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